Celebrity Big Brother – 20/08/2014

Well, watching this episode has made me feel pretty depressed! Bloody Gary talking nonstop about death and passing onto the other side! It’s a little bit morbid, I must say.


I’m starting to really like little Leslie, he’s such a cutie! He’s like a fabulous Hobbit, I’d carry him around like a chihuahua. He looked like he was in his little element rooting through the Royal trunk! (That wasn’t supposed to sound wrong!) 

Big Brother revealing Dee’s secret was great – Gary didn’t have a clue what was going on. The little tiff between him and James   got a little awkward. What Gary said was a bit crude but I think the argument got blown out of proportion. I think the housemates just need to adjust to Gary’s humor, or maybe he needs to adjust to what us Brits class as funny. 


Celebrity Big Brother – 19/08/2014

The second episode of CBB hasn’t disappointed me so far – Dee, or the Duchess of Solihull, has been amazing! She’s so good at thinking of things on the spot to trick the international housemates. She could really go along way, I reckon. The story she said about shooting the swan and chucking it up into a tree to hide it from Prince Philip was hilarious.


The french woman is absolutely nuts, claiming she won’t own or wear anything unless it’s pink. It just makes me want to facepalm even more! So gullible aswell, I reckon she’ll still think Dee is royalty when it comes out that she’s not! 

So far, I think that either Ricci and Lauren will get together at some point, even though her and George seem pretty flirty! 

I totally agree with James when he said in the diary room that David seems to be trying too hard – I give it a few more days before it takes it’s toll on him, or that he gets evicted for being a total prat. Gary seems like he’s going to have the shortest temper ever, I thought he was going to get insane when everyone woke him up! Like last year when Bruce Jones shouted the place down when the housemates woke him. To be fair though, I’d be pretty hacked off if someone woke me up! I love my sleep!


My winners still remain the same, however, I reckon it’ll all change once I watch a few more episodes!

Celebrity Big Brother – Live Launch

I’m baaaack!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve got a new job so I’ve been working like crazy! Which means catching up on a load of television.

When I saw the adverts for CBB, I promised myself I wouldn’t watch it this year. However, I’ve been seeing tweets and Facebook statuses about things that have been going on and I’ve decided to give it a go! The live launch wasn’t anything special, apart from Benefit Street’s Dee being given the royal treatment. As I assumed, the house has been packed full of nobodies..who the feck is the french girl?! Anyone?! No? Thought not. And the thing that’s famous purely because he’s banging Kelly Brook is already doing my head in, and I’ve only watched two episodes!! I think Claire King is a bit of a snooty git, aswell! She kind of looked down at Dee as if she’s scum, it’d be a right kick in the teeth if she won! 

I think, so far, my winners are Kellie and George. I have so much respect for Kellie, I just wanted to give her a massive cuddle and take her home! She really is inspirational. As for George, I’ve been loving him since Gogglebox! 

Finally remembered! YouTube Channel Review Numero Dos!

You know when you walk into a room and then totally forget why you walked into it? I feel like I’ve had the blog post version of that! I remember saying TWO DAYS AGO that I would be reviewing two YouTube channels as an apology for not posting in a while. I did the first one, which was ‘Those Guys In Hats’ and never did the second one! I’ve literally only just remembered about it.

So, the next YouTube channel I’m going to review is ‘Beanie Bros Music’. If you watched any of the videos from the previous channel that I reviewed, you may recognize one of the guys. This is Mattys second channel, only this time, he has collaborated with a fellow guitarist who goes by the name of Ryan. They are both guitar geniuses, and they’ve combined their talents to create covers of songs, as well as original creations. I think my favorite song they’ve covered so far is the Killswitch Engage song ‘The End of Heartache’. It’s spot on and the harmonies sound a-maaaazing! 

If this channel is up your street, I’d highly suggest that you give them a subscribe – they’re fairly new to YouTube, so it would help a lot! Expect a lot of head-banging!! 

Link: BeanieBrosMusic

Aagrah, Doncaster

There’s been a change of scenery this weekend as I’ve spent it in the lovely North Yorkshire countryside, visiting my Dad, Step-mam and their two b-e-a-utiful West Highland Terriers. Seeing as it’s my boyfriends birthday tomorrow, they decided to treat us to a lovely meal out at the Aagrah Indian restaurant in Doncaster.


When we arrived, it seemed very busy due to a few parties that were booked in. We were greeted at the door by one of the staff members who shook each of our hands and ordered our drinks. We were then shown to the waiting area after being told we may be waiting around 20 minutes for a table. After around 5 minutes, he came back over to announce they had a table ready, which amazed me, as I was expecting to be waiting a while! We were then shown to our table, where we started off with some poppadoms and a range of sauces.


After around 15 minutes, the waiter arrived to ask for our starters. As I’m not a big risk taker, I decided to go for the Onion Bhajis, which I know I like. When they turned up, no later than 10 minutes afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve had Onion Bhajis from my local takeaways, and they are always presented in the same ball-like shape. At the Aagrah, it’s totally different! They came in an onion ring type shape, along with a side salad. I was expecting them to fill me up straight away, as I normally feel this way after eating them. However, after demolishing the two, I still felt like I had room to spare for my main course.


Speaking of the main course, my Dad and I both order the Lamb Piaz which he has had before. I am a massive lover of lamb and when he mentioned that it was a sizzling bowl of lamb chops, I just knew I had to order it! He totally wasn’t wrong with his description either! I could hear it coming before I saw it! The lamb was presented in a black iron-type bowl, sizzling straight from the chargrill, mixed in with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and green chilis. Alongside it was a bowl of kashmiri sauce for us to dip them into. The lamb chops were perfectly spiced – I’m not a big spice fan so this was just right for me. After 5 minutes, I resorted to the cave man approach – picking them up and eating them straight off the bone! I didn’t want a waste a single bit.


Surprisingly, the chops went well with my mocktail! It was a mixture of strawberries, mango, pineapple and cream and my boyfriend had one which had aloe vera, bananas, kiwi and apples in. When the spice got a bit too much, I had a sip of my mocktail and it cooled my mouth down straight away. After we’d finished our mains, we perused the dessert menu, only to quickly put it back down – our eyes were bigger than our bellies, it would’ve completely finished us off if we took another bite!


So, despite how busy the Aagrah was, it really didn’t affect the standard of the customer service. We were served our food no later than 15 minutes after ordering, which was spot on. I was expecting to be waiting for quite a while, however, I was totally proven wrong. The meals were cooked perfectly – I could definitely eat it all over again! Everything was within a reasonable price range too. They have 16 restaurants in total, so I would highly suggest all of you Indian food lovers to give it a try!


Warning: May Contain Dinosaurs, Nuts and Vomiting!

Well hello! It’s been a while! As an apology for my absence, I have found two amazing YouTube channels that I think you should all check out and subscribe too. Both have just hit the YouTube scene so it makes perfect sense to give them a mention on my blog – every little helps! 

The first of the two goes by the name of ‘Those Guys With Hats’. So, as it says on the tin, it features those guys….with hats. The guys, Matty and James, will literally do anything. The first video, as shown below, has them trying different drinks – from Aloe Vera to a vomit-inducing concoction. If you have a bad gag reflex, you may want to watch with a sick bag attached to your face! 

The latest video is a trailer for the upcoming ‘American Sweet Shop Special’ which features the worlds sourest sweets. And, as boys will be boys, they both take a huge mouthful of them, causing Matty to turn into a T-Rex. It’s a hilarious 43 seconds so you should definitely check it out! 

Another video to check out while your there is ‘The Quest For The Missing Hat’. How it becomes missing is absolutely hysterical – a major ‘You’ve Been Framed’ moment! I won’t go into too much detail but it’s a totally a must-see! 

The guys definitely have more to come, so I’d highly recommend you hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more of their crazy antics! 

The Brownie Bar, Newcastle

So, today, my boyfriend and I visited The Brownie Bar in Newcastle for the first time ever. After buying a Groupon voucher, for a brownie, ice cream and a hot/cold drink for two (£6.00), I was eagerly awaiting the day we could go and use it. I’d literally been dreaming brownies!!


I couldn’t wait any longer, so we decided that today was THE day. For anyone interested in going, it took us quite a while to find it as it’s situated in the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre. Despite regularly visiting Eldon Square, we’d never been to this part of the centre! My boyfriend had me trailing around Fenwicks before we worked out where it was! Once we got there, we were pretty surprised at its layout – I was expecting a little cafe, however, it kind of looked like an actual bar, with stools around the outside. The brownies are on display too, so you can decide which one tickles your fancy. There’s a wide range, from Malteasers, Oreo, Baileys and Pistachio.


For me, it was the Nutella brownie (I’m a sucker for chocolate!) and my boyfriend had the Nutella and peanut butter one. We were kindly offered the choice to have them warmed up (which I totally accepted!) and were asked which scoop of ice cream we wanted. There was the regular choices available – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. For some reason, I was expecting the ice cream to taste quite cheap, however, I was pleasantly surprised! On top of all that chocolatey-ness (totally a word), I had my brownie and ice cream covered in salted caramel sauce. So, as you can guess, I felt like I was dying after I’d finished it!


If you can’t get the Groupon deal that we were fortunate enough to get, the usual prices are pretty good. For a brownie and a scoop of ice cream, it’s only £3.00. You can also buy a batch of brownies – if your stomach can handle it!! The member of staff working at The Brownie Bar today was really friendly and did a great job of making sure we were enjoying our experience.


So, if you’re a brownie fan, why not give it a visit? This weekend, they’ll be at the North East Chili Festival, where you sample some of their hot chili brownies! Click the links down below to find out more.

Links: Facebook


 North East Chilli Festival

Groupon Voucher (limited time only!)