Celebrity Big Brother – 19/08/2014

The second episode of CBB hasn’t disappointed me so far – Dee, or the Duchess of Solihull, has been amazing! She’s so good at thinking of things on the spot to trick the international housemates. She could really go along way, I reckon. The story she said about shooting the swan and chucking it up into a tree to hide it from Prince Philip was hilarious.


The french woman is absolutely nuts, claiming she won’t own or wear anything unless it’s pink. It just makes me want to facepalm even more! So gullible aswell, I reckon she’ll still think Dee is royalty when it comes out that she’s not! 

So far, I think that either Ricci and Lauren will get together at some point, even though her and George seem pretty flirty! 

I totally agree with James when he said in the diary room that David seems to be trying too hard – I give it a few more days before it takes it’s toll on him, or that he gets evicted for being a total prat. Gary seems like he’s going to have the shortest temper ever, I thought he was going to get insane when everyone woke him up! Like last year when Bruce Jones shouted the place down when the housemates woke him. To be fair though, I’d be pretty hacked off if someone woke me up! I love my sleep!


My winners still remain the same, however, I reckon it’ll all change once I watch a few more episodes!


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