Aagrah, Doncaster

There’s been a change of scenery this weekend as I’ve spent it in the lovely North Yorkshire countryside, visiting my Dad, Step-mam and their two b-e-a-utiful West Highland Terriers. Seeing as it’s my boyfriends birthday tomorrow, they decided to treat us to a lovely meal out at the Aagrah Indian restaurant in Doncaster.


When we arrived, it seemed very busy due to a few parties that were booked in. We were greeted at the door by one of the staff members who shook each of our hands and ordered our drinks. We were then shown to the waiting area after being told we may be waiting around 20 minutes for a table. After around 5 minutes, he came back over to announce they had a table ready, which amazed me, as I was expecting to be waiting a while! We were then shown to our table, where we started off with some poppadoms and a range of sauces.


After around 15 minutes, the waiter arrived to ask for our starters. As I’m not a big risk taker, I decided to go for the Onion Bhajis, which I know I like. When they turned up, no later than 10 minutes afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve had Onion Bhajis from my local takeaways, and they are always presented in the same ball-like shape. At the Aagrah, it’s totally different! They came in an onion ring type shape, along with a side salad. I was expecting them to fill me up straight away, as I normally feel this way after eating them. However, after demolishing the two, I still felt like I had room to spare for my main course.


Speaking of the main course, my Dad and I both order the Lamb Piaz which he has had before. I am a massive lover of lamb and when he mentioned that it was a sizzling bowl of lamb chops, I just knew I had to order it! He totally wasn’t wrong with his description either! I could hear it coming before I saw it! The lamb was presented in a black iron-type bowl, sizzling straight from the chargrill, mixed in with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and green chilis. Alongside it was a bowl of kashmiri sauce for us to dip them into. The lamb chops were perfectly spiced – I’m not a big spice fan so this was just right for me. After 5 minutes, I resorted to the cave man approach – picking them up and eating them straight off the bone! I didn’t want a waste a single bit.


Surprisingly, the chops went well with my mocktail! It was a mixture of strawberries, mango, pineapple and cream and my boyfriend had one which had aloe vera, bananas, kiwi and apples in. When the spice got a bit too much, I had a sip of my mocktail and it cooled my mouth down straight away. After we’d finished our mains, we perused the dessert menu, only to quickly put it back down – our eyes were bigger than our bellies, it would’ve completely finished us off if we took another bite!


So, despite how busy the Aagrah was, it really didn’t affect the standard of the customer service. We were served our food no later than 15 minutes after ordering, which was spot on. I was expecting to be waiting for quite a while, however, I was totally proven wrong. The meals were cooked perfectly – I could definitely eat it all over again! Everything was within a reasonable price range too. They have 16 restaurants in total, so I would highly suggest all of you Indian food lovers to give it a try!



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