The Brownie Bar, Newcastle

So, today, my boyfriend and I visited The Brownie Bar in Newcastle for the first time ever. After buying a Groupon voucher, for a brownie, ice cream and a hot/cold drink for two (£6.00), I was eagerly awaiting the day we could go and use it. I’d literally been dreaming brownies!!


I couldn’t wait any longer, so we decided that today was THE day. For anyone interested in going, it took us quite a while to find it as it’s situated in the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre. Despite regularly visiting Eldon Square, we’d never been to this part of the centre! My boyfriend had me trailing around Fenwicks before we worked out where it was! Once we got there, we were pretty surprised at its layout – I was expecting a little cafe, however, it kind of looked like an actual bar, with stools around the outside. The brownies are on display too, so you can decide which one tickles your fancy. There’s a wide range, from Malteasers, Oreo, Baileys and Pistachio.


For me, it was the Nutella brownie (I’m a sucker for chocolate!) and my boyfriend had the Nutella and peanut butter one. We were kindly offered the choice to have them warmed up (which I totally accepted!) and were asked which scoop of ice cream we wanted. There was the regular choices available – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. For some reason, I was expecting the ice cream to taste quite cheap, however, I was pleasantly surprised! On top of all that chocolatey-ness (totally a word), I had my brownie and ice cream covered in salted caramel sauce. So, as you can guess, I felt like I was dying after I’d finished it!


If you can’t get the Groupon deal that we were fortunate enough to get, the usual prices are pretty good. For a brownie and a scoop of ice cream, it’s only £3.00. You can also buy a batch of brownies – if your stomach can handle it!! The member of staff working at The Brownie Bar today was really friendly and did a great job of making sure we were enjoying our experience.


So, if you’re a brownie fan, why not give it a visit? This weekend, they’ll be at the North East Chili Festival, where you sample some of their hot chili brownies! Click the links down below to find out more.

Links: Facebook


 North East Chilli Festival

Groupon Voucher (limited time only!)


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