Warning: May Contain Dinosaurs, Nuts and Vomiting!

Well hello! It’s been a while! As an apology for my absence, I have found two amazing YouTube channels that I think you should all check out and subscribe too. Both have just hit the YouTube scene so it makes perfect sense to give them a mention on my blog – every little helps! 

The first of the two goes by the name of ‘Those Guys With Hats’. So, as it says on the tin, it features those guys….with hats. The guys, Matty and James, will literally do anything. The first video, as shown below, has them trying different drinks – from Aloe Vera to a vomit-inducing concoction. If you have a bad gag reflex, you may want to watch with a sick bag attached to your face! 

The latest video is a trailer for the upcoming ‘American Sweet Shop Special’ which features the worlds sourest sweets. And, as boys will be boys, they both take a huge mouthful of them, causing Matty to turn into a T-Rex. It’s a hilarious 43 seconds so you should definitely check it out! 

Another video to check out while your there is ‘The Quest For The Missing Hat’. How it becomes missing is absolutely hysterical – a major ‘You’ve Been Framed’ moment! I won’t go into too much detail but it’s a totally a must-see! 

The guys definitely have more to come, so I’d highly recommend you hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more of their crazy antics! 


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