Zach Anner

I’ve only just come across this guy on Youtube, and I’m so glad I did! Zach has cerebral palsy, however, he doesn’t let it put him down. He’s the funniest guy I’ve seen on Youtube in a while (sorry PewDiePie) and I think it all comes from the fact that he doesn’t take his disability seriously – he uses what he has to make other people laugh.

His videos on  YouTube are based around fitness and are called ‘Workout Wednesdays’. They’re packed full of hilarious workout alternatives, such as taping your feet to the bike machine and comedic lines such as “you don’t have to have a huge milestone like being the first man to walk on the moon…we already have a guy that does that..and he’s dead! Maybe your milestone is not being dead!”  Each workout starts with his pre-workout itinerary with what your going to need. This ranges from ‘workout pants’ to ‘workout beard’.

If you look past all of the comedy factors, you notice that his videos are quite inspirational for the audience. He signs off his videos with quotes such as “I know school can be stressful and lonely sometimes, don’t let it get to ya, just make this year a great one”. I’d highly recommend giving his channel a subscribe! The link can be found below.

Don’t forget to bring your workout face!

Link: Zach Anner


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