The Drug In Me Is You VS Fashionably Late

First of all, let me just say how much I love ‘Falling in Reverse’! If you haven’t heard of them, then I suggest you give yourself a good talking too! Okay, maybe not. Here’s the lowdown on who they are:

The band is currently made up of these awesome guys:

Ronnie Radke – singer

Jacky Vincent – lead guitar

Derek Jones – rhythm guitar

Ryan Seamen – drums

and most recently, Max Green – bass guitar.


Ronnie was originally the singer for another band called ‘Escape the Fate’, however, after an altercation with the law, Ronnie was forced to spend two years in prison. This led to Escape the Fate bringing in another singer. During his time in prison, Ronnie wrote a collection of songs, which would later be part of the first album, ‘The Drug In Me Is You’.

After listening to both albums about 20 million times (not even exaggerating!), I thought I’d compare and review the two, to see which one I think is best!

The Drug In Me Is You:

This album is a total revenge album. Listening to the lyrics, you can hear two years of hate coming out! It doesn’t just touch upon his removal from Escape the Fate – he also talks about his past drug addiction as well as family history. It’s definitely an album to listen to when you’re majorly angry and you need someone to relate to. Another blog that I’ve been looking at states that this album is “angry, energetic and a welcome way to reintroduce Ronnie Radke back into the music scene” and boy, did it do just that! I think it kind of, tosses Escape the Fate to one side and lets Ronnie have his say on what went on after two long years of silence.

Fashionably Late: 

This album is completely different to the first one! It’s got so much more to offer. You sometimes get bands where the albums are very similar, however, with this one it’s like we’re listening to a whole different band. There’s so many different styles to the songs – there’s a bit of country with ‘Drifter’, hip hop with ‘Alone’ and pop punk with ‘Bad Girls Club’. No matter what style of music your into, there’ll be a song on that album that gets your foot tapping! There’s been quite a few people that are complaining about how the album doesn’t stick to one genre, however, I think it just shows how versatile the band is! A band like this can’t win – these people would still be complaining if all the songs were of the same style!

Overall, I think I have to go with Fashionably Late. Don’t get me wrong, I do love The Drug In Me Is You, as it was the album that started everything off. However, Fashionably Late has got so much more to give! Personally, I’m the type of person that doesn’t just like one type of music – one minute I’m listening to Sleeping with Sirens, the next I’m strutting my stuff to Jason Derulo! So, having an album that is packed full of different styles is perfect.

I cannot possibly wait for the next album to come out, especially now that Max has joined the band! Falling in Reverse definitely felt like it was missing something, and now I can see that it was having Max as their bass player.



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