Finally remembered! YouTube Channel Review Numero Dos!

You know when you walk into a room and then totally forget why you walked into it? I feel like I’ve had the blog post version of that! I remember saying TWO DAYS AGO that I would be reviewing two YouTube channels as an apology for not posting in a while. I did the first one, which was ‘Those Guys In Hats’ and never did the second one! I’ve literally only just remembered about it.

So, the next YouTube channel I’m going to review is ‘Beanie Bros Music’. If you watched any of the videos from the previous channel that I reviewed, you may recognize one of the guys. This is Mattys second channel, only this time, he has collaborated with a fellow guitarist who goes by the name of Ryan. They are both guitar geniuses, and they’ve combined their talents to create covers of songs, as well as original creations. I think my favorite song they’ve covered so far is the Killswitch Engage song ‘The End of Heartache’. It’s spot on and the harmonies sound a-maaaazing! 

If this channel is up your street, I’d highly suggest that you give them a subscribe – they’re fairly new to YouTube, so it would help a lot! Expect a lot of head-banging!! 

Link: BeanieBrosMusic


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