Celebrity Big Brother – 20/08/2014

Well, watching this episode has made me feel pretty depressed! Bloody Gary talking nonstop about death and passing onto the other side! It’s a little bit morbid, I must say.


I’m starting to really like little Leslie, he’s such a cutie! He’s like a fabulous Hobbit, I’d carry him around like a chihuahua. He looked like he was in his little element rooting through the Royal trunk! (That wasn’t supposed to sound wrong!) 

Big Brother revealing Dee’s secret was great – Gary didn’t have a clue what was going on. The little tiff between him and James   got a little awkward. What Gary said was a bit crude but I think the argument got blown out of proportion. I think the housemates just need to adjust to Gary’s humor, or maybe he needs to adjust to what us Brits class as funny. 


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