Celebrity Big Brother – Live Launch

I’m baaaack!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve got a new job so I’ve been working like crazy! Which means catching up on a load of television.

When I saw the adverts for CBB, I promised myself I wouldn’t watch it this year. However, I’ve been seeing tweets and Facebook statuses about things that have been going on and I’ve decided to give it a go! The live launch wasn’t anything special, apart from Benefit Street’s Dee being given the royal treatment. As I assumed, the house has been packed full of nobodies..who the feck is the french girl?! Anyone?! No? Thought not. And the thing that’s famous purely because he’s banging Kelly Brook is already doing my head in, and I’ve only watched two episodes!! I think Claire King is a bit of a snooty git, aswell! She kind of looked down at Dee as if she’s scum, it’d be a right kick in the teeth if she won! 

I think, so far, my winners are Kellie and George. I have so much respect for Kellie, I just wanted to give her a massive cuddle and take her home! She really is inspirational. As for George, I’ve been loving him since Gogglebox! 


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