Menkind, Sunderland!

I first came across this shop when I was visiting family in Essex. I love a good gadget shop, so this one really hit the spot with me (I must get it from my Dad!). When I heard there was a store opening near to where I live, I was so chuffed!


Despite the fact it is very ‘guy’ orientated, I still reckon there’s something for everyone. There’s everything from stuff for your home and garden, to personalised gifts for your friends and family! They even have gifts for the cat (see below!). I know for a fact that when I get my own house, it’s going to be filled with gadgets from this shop. They have a great range of collectibles as well, so whether you’re a Star Wars fan or a Minecraft gamer, you’ll definitely find something.



How cool?!

The Sunderland store in general is a friendly place to visit – the staff are always on stand by to help anyone with any problems the customers have. If you haven’t visited a Menkind store before, I’d highly recommend giving it a go. I can spend hours just playing with the random gadgets they have! And, I can definitely guarantee that you won’t be able resist trying this:



If you have a Facebook account, how about you give their page a ‘like’? There’s some great chances to win gift cards and prizes so keep your eyes peeled!

Link: Menkind Sunderland  Menkind Website


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