Avon Top Buys #1

I’m not usually a fan of buying things from the Avon – I normally just scan through the catalogue, blissfully unaware of the amazing bargains you can get! I’m quite a plain type of girl when it comes to make-up too. I just throw the usual foundation, blusher, eyeliner and mascara on, which only usually takes me around 5 minutes to do! So a few weeks ago,when  my sister brought home the latest Avon catalogue, I decided to give some products a go.

The three products I bought are as follows: Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Face Mask, Extra Lasting Eyeshadow & the Tinted Lip Stick.



The Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Face Mask – £3.00

This is very different to the face masks I’ve used in the past. I normally go for the ones in the packets which you only get one use from. In the Avon catalogue, this face mask was described as ‘magnetic’ as it’s supposed to draw out any impurities, after leaving it on for around 10-20 minutes.  The first time I used it, it took around 15 minutes to dry, which left my face feeling incredibly tight. I didn’t dare smile! I guess this is what botox feels like!  I do agree with the description – it did get rid of the flakey skin that I usually get around my nose and forehead, however, after washing it off, it seemed to make my skin really rough. Washing it off is a mission in itself too! It was a total nightmare, it seemed to take ages to come off.


However, it is quite scented, so I wouldn’t recommend it to those of you with sensitive skin. Overall, I’m not too sure I’ll be buying it again. I can’t argue with the price, however, I feel there are better face mask products out there that do a better job for less money.

Extra Lasting Eyeshadow – £6.00

This product has to be my favourite one out of the lot. It actually does what it says on the tin! And what is that you ask? Well, this is an eyeshadow which stays on for up to 12 hours! It’s an absolute God send – I was always having to sneak into toilets or look in the reflection of a shop window to reapply eyeshadow that I’d only put on an hour ago. I bought this in the ‘crushed violet’ shade which is a lovely light purple colour. I’ve never had an eyeshadow that looks like a mascara though, with the brush inside! I love this idea, I used to hate looking through my makeup bag and find broken eyeshadows.


I can truthfully say, this eyeshadow does stay on for 12 hours, so it’s definitely worth the money from that aspect. However, it’s really tiny! It looked quite big in the catalogue so I was quite disappointed when it arrived and I’d paid £6.00 for it.

Tinted Lip Stick – £3.50

This is a first for me, as I’m not really a lipstick person. I normally go for the old pocket-sized tin of vaseline or lipglosses, so when I came across this, I was quite intrigued. It was hard not to buy it, to be honest, as it used to be £7.00! So £3.50 is a total bargain. It comes in three shades: bronze, red and pink. I went for the pink colour, as I wanted something that wasn’t too overpowering. It does a great job of keeping the lips moisturized, especially during this hot weather (I can’t actually believe it IS hot!) due to the beeswax which is inside of it.


It’s had some really great reviews on the Avon website, which I have to agree with. Many of them are raving about how the light tinted colours are great for the summer which is really true.

Overall, I think the best product out of the lot has to be the tinted lip stick. I think when the next Avon catalogue comes, I’ll be stocking up on them!

One last thing – if you’re a fan of makeup reviews, I’d highly recommend that you subscribe to BextacyBeauty on Youtube. She does some great eyeshadow designs, as well beauty hauls. Go check her out!

Link: BextacyBeauty


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