I recently traveled to Amsterdam with my boyfriend, and, oh my world – it was fantastic! We decided to travel with DFDS Seaways, as my boyfriend regularly travels via the ferry to visit family in Germany. I’d never been on one before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were originally given a 2-bed seaview cabin which was lovely. It wasn’t exactly the Ritz, but for what we paid, it was spot on. It had bunk beds, which transported me straight back to my childhood! There was also a sofa, a dressing table and mirror, and an en-suite bathroom. However, after some disturbances with the cabin next door, we were quickly upgraded to the disabled room. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how helpful the staff were! The disabled room had, yet again, 2 beds, however they were placed at either side of the room, so we had quite a lot of floor space. The en-suite was, as expected, way bigger than our original one.


The boat itself was magnificent. It totally amazed me how massive it was! There was plenty to do as well. We did a bit of shopping, sat in the cafe admiring the sea, went on deck (although it was rather chilly!) and played in the mini games room. On top of that, there’s a cinema which shows up to date films (for a set price, of course), a casino, two bars and a kids club. On both nights, we decided to sit in the Navigator’s Bar. It has a more laid back feel to it, just like your average pub at home! We really enjoyed the live entertainment they had too – we don’t remember his name but he was an acoustic guitarist. He had everyone singing songs such as “500 miles” by the Proclaimers!


We booked the mini-cruise to Amsterdam, which meant after a great nights sleep, we were woken up in time to catch our coach into Amsterdam City Centre, where we were given 5 hours to explore before our coach ride back. Before that, though, we visited the 7 seas restaurant for our all-you-can-eat breakfast. We paid for this when we booked our tickets and it’s only £9.99 per person. We left it a bit late to head down, as there was no where to sit, so I’d definitely recommend getting there early! The choice of food is fantastic though – there’s everything from fried food to continental.

The bus ride was lovely, and it didn’t take too long. We were shown an on-board video, which gave us tips on places to visit when we got there. I’m a proper tourist so I videoed everything on my camera! Even the road signs! 5 hours is definitely enough time – we managed to visit all the spots we wanted. If you’re planning on visiting, I would highly recommend trying the waffles with cream and the chips. You’d think the chips are just normal everyday chips, but oh no. They’re the world’s best chips! I was also really amazed at how well everyone can speak English over there too! I was quite concerned, as I didn’t bother to learn any Dutch, and I find it difficult to understand other people’s accents (even scottish!) however, once I got there, my worries disappeared.


The only downfall of the trip was how choppy the sea was! We picked the wrong time of year to go (March) as the wind was really strong, which meant the boat was constantly moving from side to side. I’d never been on a boat before, so I ended up being a little sea sick! Thankfully, I’d brought some tablets to help me, however, you can pick them up on board.

I think my top recommendations would be:

1) Watch out for the bikes! Everyone seems to travel on bikes, and at incredible speeds too!

2) Take quite a bit of money – although Amsterdam itself isn’t too expensive, the ferry can be. You can buy Euros on board if you run out.

3) Take seasick tablets! – if you’ve never been on a boat before, I’d highly advise that you take seasick tablets, especially if you’re going during the spring and autumn time.


We’re even going again in August after winning a competition with DFDS Seaways. We had to post a ‘selfie’ of us on our mini-break and it turns out, our ugly mugs won! So this time, we’re taking my 7 year old brother, so fingers crossed he enjoys it!


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